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Release date: Dec. 2008

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Darfur, Sudan


Berkeley, California. 



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Roveda Productions, LLC is the official documentary filmmaking team following the

yearlong Tents of Hope project. The film will portray several individual artists and communities working to raise awareness of the genocide and mass-displacement in Darfur by painting refugee tents. The film will follow these tents and participants as they travel to the Washington D.C. mall in September 2008 and continue on with them on an international awareness-raising mission. “Tents of Hope: The Film” will also document the stories of several refugees from Darfur as they struggle to keep hope alive.

Loss and hope exist side by side

This is not only true for the uprooted people of Darfur; it is the human condition.

Our ability to create and sustain hope

in the presence of loss - even enormous loss - is one of

humanity’s most exalted characteristics.

-Jerry Fowler

Director, Committee on Conscience

US Holocaust Memorial Museum